More To Come At The New SQL Safety!!

As I have spent the past few days preparing to present and customize the new SQL Safety site I have not had time to prepare any new posts.  I appreciate the input that I have received over the past couple of months and have done my best fulfill all requests, first and foremost providing all available code, scripts, packages, etc.  I decided that it was best to provide all code for the most recent posts on my blogspot site, as these were quickly available, and then to provide the code for the most popular posts over the past several years.  After reviewing the hit counts I found that I had two posts, Encrypting Column Level Data and Formatting SSRS, that counted for a large percentage of over all site hits.  I will will be completing and posting, for download, a detailed PDF outlining my SSRS formatting post as well an updated T-SQL script for encrypting column level data for download  within the next week.

A big thanks again to everyone and please check back soon for new posts and sample scripts.

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