10 Reasons to Attend #SQLSat Puerto Rio

We are only days away from SQL Saturday #283 in San Juan Puerto Rico!!  If you are looking for justification to attend let me help you out.

1. Bradley Ball, twitter, Inside the Query Optimizer  Want to optimize your queries and gain a better understanding of optimization rules?  Kewl!  See you there.

2. Jose Gregorio Lopez, twitter, SQL Server 2014 In Memory Column Store Indexes – Haciendo un Almacén de Datos (Making a Data Warehouse)  Have you heard about SQL Servers column store indexes?  Want to learn how they work and when to use them?  Here is your chance

3. Alan Koo, twitter, PowerPivot, Tabular and Multidimensional Models: Understanding Analysis Services Flavors.  If you haven’t heard there is a new data model in town beginning in SSAS 2012.  If you want to learn about the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) and the concepts of SSAS and PowerPivot then just show up.

4. Jorge Segara, twitter, Azure Virtual Machines: A Walk in the Cloud. Virtualization has become prevalent in almost all organizations.  If you haven’t educated yourself about Windows Azure virtual machines then stop by.  If any one is interested I would appreciate a session called “Virtual Machines, Virtual Desktops, and how you can Become a Virtual Employee”.  Just wanted to throw it out there.

5. Raphael Salas, twitter, ETL Architecture Checkup: Avoiding Costly Mistakes.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Make sure that you don’t make costly mistakes when you design and build your ETL infrastructure.

6. Jorge Sanchez, Creating Reporting Services Reports to be Run in SQL Server Management Studio.  SSMS has included a number of pre-built SSRS reports since SQL 2005.  These provide some great insight and useful information, but it’s time to extend this functionality with reports of your own. 

7. Wayne Sheffield, twitter, Table Vars & Temp Tables – What you NEED to Know!  What is the difference between a table variable and temporary table?  When do I use a temp table over a table variable?  What is the answer to life?!?!  Show up and find out.  ALL RIGHT!!  Maybe I made up the last question!  No pressure Wayne.

8. Jose Chinchilla, twitter, PowerPivot + Powerview + PowerMap = Self-service BI Revolution.  Translation = “Power Session!!”  Nuff said.

9. Guillermo Caicedo, twitter, Introduction to SSIS with BIML.  SSIS is an AWESOME tool, but what if you want to automate some typical tasks?  BIML, Business Intelligence Markup Language, is the answer.

10. IT IS PUERTO RICO!!  Do you really need 9 other reasons?!?  C’MON MAN!!

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