10 Reasons to Attend #SQLSat Atlanta

With just over a week and a half left it is time to register for SQL Saturday Atlanta and here are 10 reasons that you should attend.

1. Rafael Salas, twitter, ETL Architecture Chekup: Avoiding Costly Mistakes This session is an encore from SQL Saturday Puerto Rico.  While at that event I told Rafael that I heard he would be presenting in Atlanta.  Rafael looked at me, scratched his head, and asked “I’m doing what?”   Max Trinidad snapped him back to reality with a good old fashioned “I told you you!!


After a moment Rafael regained his composure, and memory, and put on his rally cap and told me that he was fired up to present at SQL Saturday in Atlanta.  Really…  No bull.


Alright…  Maybe that conversation never happened, but he did put on the horned helmet!!  If you want the truth make it up yourself.

2. Wayne Sheffield, twitter, Crazy Things That Developers Do Are you a developer and want to know what happens in Vegas after the DBA’s go to sleep?  Do you want to know how to get the hybrid on the roof after last call?

Do you want to know where to find a helmet with horns to wear at the after event of SQL Saturday?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then this isn’t the session for you.  If you want to know some common mistakes developers make and how to correct them then this is the session for you.  If you wanna find a horned helmet then follow Rafael to the after event.  You might get the helmet and you might get the horns.  Your call.

3.  Patrick LeBlanc, twitter, Introduction to Power BI Have you heard the whispers of “self-service information management”  or the ability to present users with the tools necessary to evaluate and analyze corporate data without the help or intervention of IT staff?  I know!!  As far as the legends that everyone talks about, but few have seen we have Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, and now self service business intelligence.  Join Patrick as he discusses SSIM and demonstrates it in captivity.

4.  Brian Moran, twitter, Workplace Coaching: Simple Skills that Change Everything Are you looking for the skills necessary to grow, lead, and help others around grow and lead within your organization?  OK, well how about the ability to coach without using coercion or mental and emotional tactics.  C’mon now.  After 24 years in law enforcement “coaching” employees was sometimes synonymous with “tasing”.  Learn the right way now!

5. Melissa Coates, twitter, Administering & Managing the Power BI Environment After attending Patrick’s session on how to find and capture self service business intelligence, you better show up to hear Melissa discuss how to care for and manage it in captivity.

6. Kenneth Urena, twitter, Indexing strategies and good physical designs for performance tuning Did you attend Kenneth’s session at SQL Saturday in Costa Rica and leave saying “I’m not sure I understood everything”?  That is because it was in Spanish!!  C’Mon Man!!  Join Kenneth as he explains indexing strategies to improve database performance.

7. Kalen Delaney, twitter, What’s Simple About SIMPLE Recovery? True or False: Simple recovery means that SQL does not log database changes or transactions, that no database administration is necessary, and the Cleveland Browns will make it to the Super Bowl this year?  If you answered true then you need this session more than air!!  Sorry Brown’s fans.  I saw my shot and took it.

8. Louis Davidson, twitter, Database Design Fundamentals The best database design is done with friends over a bottle of wine using an Excel spreadsheet as your model right??  Try again!  Louis discusses proper database design techniques and normalization.

9. Robert Cain, twitter, Everything You Ever Knew About SSIS Is Null and Void Do you think you know SSIS?  WRONG AGAIN!!  Read the session title.  Join Robert and learn about the change in SSIS 2012 deployment model as well as new features and functionality.

10. Jeffrey Garbus, twitter, Bad, less Bad, not Bad; rewriting bad SQL Code The session title may not sound like a pep talk, but if you are looking for tips on rewriting T-SQL code you should show up.

If you take a look at the event schedule you can see that I could give at least another 20 great reasons to attend SQL Saturday in Atlanta, but my flight is landing and I am getting “the look” to put my laptop away.

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