#SQLSat San Diego Count Down!!

We are just over one week until SQL Saturday #340 San Diego! If you are on the fence as to whether to attend here are some reasons that should make this an easy decision.

1. Itzik Ben-Gan @itzikbengan Boost your T-SQL with the APPLY Operator If you bought his book, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 High-Performance T-SQL Using Window Functions, then you can stop waiting for the movie and stop in!!

2. Benjamin Nevarez @BenjaminNevarez Understanding Parameter Sniffing If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells like a duck… It must be parameter sniffing. Whatever. I thought it was funny.

3. Grant Fritchey @GFritchey Getting Started Reading Execution Plans The Hooked on Phonics for execution plans

4.Randy Knight @randy_knight Understanding Transaction Isolation Levels Tired of your transactions feeling isolated? Do something about it!

5. David Sumlin @davidsumlin Turbo Charged SQL Development With SQL# Nuff said!

6. TJay Belt @tjaybelt Database Monitoring : Trying To Keep Sane Because occasionally we all need a little sanity.

7. It’s San Diego!!!  C’mon Man!!  What more reason do you need!

SQL Saturday Sandiego

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